School Age Gymnastics

School Age Gymnastics


Mommy & Me

Ages 12months-3yrs 

Mommy & Me is designed to have fun one on one time with your infant. You will get the chance to watch their growth and skills with other children possibly for the first time. We will introduce social and physical skills to them as their bodies are  learning so much in this phase. We will have so much fun doing music and movement, gymnastics, yoga, and other various activities during this class time! This class is lightly structured for both boys and girls.

1 month tuition $55 (4 classes)

Ages: 3-5
*toilet trained*

Preschool gymnastics is focused on creating a mannered and technique driven athlete, all while having fun! This class is structured and designed to celebrate all milestones little and large for both boys and girls. We are teaching balance, body awareness, and social skills.  You must be toilet trained to attend this class. 

1 month tuition $55 (4 classes)



Ages: 5-10

Introduction to gymnastics! Bars, beam, balance, floor, vault, and tumbling skills will be introduced to your gymnast. We offer this class to girls ages 6-10.  Kidz Quest also wants to teach each gymnast that a positive attitude and character is a must in every athlete!

1 month tuition $60 (4 classes)



Ages: 10-15

Techniqnastics gymnastics! Bars, beam, balance, floor, vault, and tumbling skills will taught in this class. We have a very structured full moving class and offered to girls ages 10-14.  We expect a lot of responsibility in this class as girls will work in teams a lot to learn new skills. Focusing a lot on muscle memory, balance and all things gymnastics and the best part about it is... IT’S JUST FOR FUN!

1 month tuition $60 (4 classes)



Ages: 8-15

Are you trying out for a rec or school team? Jumps, stunts, and tramp is just warming up for this class. We want to teach your cheerleader why we believe it is a sport. No competitions, but just for fun! The basics will be completely covered! 

1 month tuition $60 (4 classes)



Ages 6-18
*Tumblers will be split by age and skill level*

Tumble, fun, and play! This is a structured class that teaches a progress based technique to tumblers both boy and girl. We will learn front tumbling,back tumbling, play fun games, and so much more! This class will be split into groups according to skill level. 

1 month tuition $60 (4 classes)


Home-school groups, school teams, or special needs teams! This is the perfect way for you to add fitness into your schedule. During this hour of class you will learn team building, strength and conditioning, with special themed classes.  This is a structured class offered to boys and girls!



Private/Group Lesson